Adore Ministries


Adore Ministries is Catholic ministry, committed to orthodoxy and under the ecclesiastical vigilance of the Archbishop of Galveston-Houston. We are governed by a Board of Directors with spiritual direction and discernment from a Presbyteral Advisory Board.

Presbyteral Advisory Board

Core Beliefs

We believe the fullness of truth is contained within scripture with the magisterium and traditions of the Catholic Church.

We believe the more authentically we know, love, and serve God daily, the more “fully alive” we become. Thus this life constitutes a life-long journey toward ever-deeper relationship with God.

We believe, with St. Teresa of Avila, that “Christ has no hands, no feet on earth” but ours. And so we believe that it is through a mutual accompaniment of each other, marked by radical authenticity, vulnerability, and transparency, that we primarily come to know and be known, love and be loved, and serve be served by Him.

We believe that effective catechesis requires reaching both within and beyond parish walls and programs for a catechesis of the whole person.

Core Values

Out of these beliefs, we have formed our Core Values. These are the principles that guide how we approach every aspect of our personal, communal, and missional lives. We refer to them when planning, prioritizing, and making decisions.

Vertical first

People over programs

Serve from Christ's wounds

  •  Authenticity ordered to who God created us to be
  •  Vulnerability ordered to being known

Community based on accompaniment

Worship is an every moment activity

Simple, sacrament based living


Shared Spiritual Practices

Spiritual practices that we are united in keeping as an entire organization.

  • Pray the Litany of Humility every Friday
  • Make a weekly visit to the Blessed Sacrament
  • Pray the Rosary weekly, devote yourself to Our Lady
  • Do a daily Examen
  • Fast Weekly
  • Study a spiritual work at least once a month

Professional Values

These are principles that guide how we go about our work.

  • Personal relationship with God first
  • People matter most
  • Integrate professional & spiritual life
  • Transparency
  • Inspire excellence
  • Be open, honest, constructive
  • Act like an owner