Adore Ministries

"Heaven enters wherever Christ  enters, even in 
this life."

- C.S. Lewis

One Moment. Our lives can be changed in one moment. Think of that one moment when you knew your faith in Jesus was real. Go ahead. Think of that one moment where you doubted everything you have ever known. For good or bad, things can change with just one moment. When reading through scripture we can see how one moment changed the lives of so many in the time that Jesus walked this earth. We know from experience that these moments with Jesus have only continued on throughout history. 

Adore Ministries is about providing people with the opportunity to experience Jesus in life changing moments just like these so that their lives can radiate His glory for all eternity. From city-wide worship nights, to conferences, to retreats and home gatherings, we at Adore Ministries invite people to experience the Risen Lord in new and powerful way​s.

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For Adore Ministries, MOMENTS are primarily centered on ‘knowing’ God. We create opportunities to encounter Him in His beauty, learn about Him, and let ourselves be known by Him. We are intentional in designing environments that disappear allow the attendee to be specifically attune to God moving in their lives.

While these MOMENTS may be most memorable in large conference and retreat experiences, Christ desires to meet us in the ordinary, everyday rhythm of life. At Adore Ministries, our missionaries understand that the same care is needed for the smaller MOMENTS that make up our Movement and Mission ministries as for the larger events.


We believe, with St. Teresa of Avila, that “Christ has no hands, no feet on earth” now but ours.

The Movement of Adore Ministries is about encountering Christ present in His Body on earth... the church. We create regular home gatherings that foster ongoing accompaniment. We have come to know Christ and His steadfast acceptance and love through these communities. We invite you to do the same.



Coming to "know" anyone consists of learning about the person, spending time with them, risking both the fun and the deeper conversations. Coming to "know" Christ is similar.

Adore Ministries Missions intentionally design MOMENTS from catechetical to fellowship to foster building a complete relationship with Christ.



"Tell the people everything about this life.” - Acts 5:20

Encounter 2019

For four years, we partnered with Steubenville Conferences to create Encounter. An entire generation of young people are longing for connection with authentic community to share life with. Millennials now populate more jobs than any other generation. They also suffer more depression and addiction than any generation in recorded memory. They are far and away the demographic most missing in our church pews.

The Encounter Conference stands as beacon on the hill-top; a herald proclaiming connection for the lonely, rejuvenation for the weary, and fullness of life for the downtrodden. It is a lifeline into the vibrant community of Catholic young adults living for Christ in each other. Built in an environment of community vacationing together in Jesus … Encounter is hope. "I came that you may have life and have it to the fullest" Jesus says in John 10:10.

In our experience, the best ministry to young adults comes in multi-generational environments. Where else can your entire family (grandparents all the way to great-grandchildren) vacation at one of the premier vacation spots in the country, and dive deeper into authentic relationship with Christ in each other and the sacraments?

After a fantastic 2019 conference and much discernment, Adore Ministries felt an undeniable call from the Holy Spirit to devote all of our resources to building out the Family Dinner movement and parish mission ministry. We are currently taking a break from hosting major conferences while we pursue this call. Please check out the other great Steubenville Conferences offered in the mean time.

...more event history coming soon!