A soft landing, low commitment, weekly gathering meant to become part of the fabric of life. Rather than another program that pulls you away from your family to be at the church, it builds “sharing life” with your community into your routine much like Sunday Mass does for worship. It's super simple...

How it Works

      Six key components to an Adore Family Dinner:

Missionary Hosts

Committed to accompany and being accompanied
through life by those in the community

No Program

Resist the urge: it is not a program… it is a vehicle to connect weekly and share life)

Every Week

Part of life’s routine: same place, same time; no real start time or end time; easy to come, easy to miss a week

Everyone Invited

All ages, faith backgrounds, and statuses welcome

Break Bread

Around a meal: 100% pot-luck, unchoreographed

In a Home

Not in a church building or facility; part of normal


Imagine if you went to church, not with acquaintances, but with a community of people you knew deeply through sharing life together weekly outside of church? What if that community was so vibrant, so attractive, that others actually wanted to be part of it? What if evangelization was as simple as inviting others over to a get together at your buddy’s house every week?

Enter Family Dinner:

Adore's MOVEMENT ministry is all about loving God in the week-in-week-out rhythm of life. Family Dinner is the best way we have found to live this out in our modern American culture.

Dual Mission:

Build Lasting Community

regular authentic connection, mutual accompaniment


a familiar environment that lets the beauty of authentic community evangelize


In 2008, over 10 years ago, Family Dinner was started by Adore Ministries missionaries in their home as a way to get to know their actual neighbors. Early on, it began to also fill the gap between church on Sunday, and building fellowship with those in the same young adult and family state-in-life, despite busy schedules.


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  3. The hosts will get respond with their address... that's it!
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Our Missionary Hosts are families or households, just like you, who want to get to know their neighbors, and have a community of people they share the ups and downs of normal life with.