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Formation for Deep Impact

We believe that God calls missionaries to mission in order to transform not only the world around them, but their very hearts. Adore pours an incredible amount of prayer and energy into its missionary staff in order to help keep the focus on what really matters. Ranging from Spiritual Formation to the practicals of ministry, our missionaries are equipped and empowered to make an impact in your community.

Missionary Roles

Our Missionary roles are divided into three distinct categories: Mission Director, Mission Director in Training and Missionary. Our Mission Directors primary focus is the formation of all the missionaries in their parish, as well as the over all health of the mission. Our missionaries are literally the boots on the ground, engaging the community through program and presence.

Mission Assignments

Adore sends 1-3 missionaries to parishes for lengths of two years. This two year commitment does not include the 6 month formation that our missionaries go through prior to their assignment.



Grounded in Prayer

By incorporating 30 minutes to an Hour a day for prayer, as well as Spiritual Direction and/or Counseling, Adore Missionaries are rooted and grounded in the very heart beat of our Lord.


Radical Service

Through their discernment, and inspired by the Lord, our missionaries are radical in their zeal for mission.  They are willing to go to great lengths to serve those Christ is calling them to.


Dynamic Programming

Always creative, never dull, Adore's programming is dynamic in range.  From Retreats, to weekly gatherings, to prayer sessions and discipleship, our missionaries are bold in their proclamation of the Gospel in a relevant, orthodox way.



Youth Discipleship

Our primary focus in parishes is to foster a community among the youth in which they can encounter the Lord in a real, deep, authentic way.  Our dynamic programming is above reproach, but it is really our missionaries ability to connect and walk with youth on their journey of faith that makes the biggest impact. 


Family Dinners

These regular gatherings focus on families coming together, sharing a pot luck meal, and praying together.  There's no agenda other than spending unfiltered time together as community.


Worship Nights

Once our youth discipleship programming has been established, our missionaries work to establish a once a month prayer gathering for the entire parish community.  These nights feature Eucharistic Adoration, a dynamic talk and Praise and Worship.


Unity in Community

No ministry is sustainable and fruit bearing without the backing of its community.  Our missionaries work to form a community who take their faith seriously, including the wider parish community and local neighborhood.

A Pastor's Testimony

I am so blessed to have Adore ministries at my parish. Adore helps to give my parish a good and solid youth ministry program and one that I know will continue. The discipleship model of youth ministry that Adore uses is effective and it has helped me to feel that the youth in my care are truly being shepherded and cared for. The youth in their care will also learn good and solid teaching and have experiences of worship and encountering Christ in retreats. My Church could never be able to hire a full-time youth minister. Thank you to the generous missionaries who make this possible.

F​r. Victor Perez | Adore Ministries Mission Pastor since 2017

Join our wait list!

Every mission is unique and we are committed to launch a new mission only when we are confident that we have the staff and resources necessary to sustain it for the long run. We currently have a waitlist of future missions, but we want to hear from you! Depending on needs, sometimes we can start small and grow. Please do not hesitate to fill out the inquiry... we want to hear your story.