Adore Ministries


A renewed generation of young people that KNOWS that God is real and He is for them.  

Adore Ministries envisions that no one would ever feel separated from Christ. In ministering to the loneliest generation, we hope to instill in them the ever-lasting presence of Christ in their lives, that through us, they might see that God is real and He is for them. Through our missionary presence, we pray that they may know that there is no place on earth that God won't go to meet them, know them, and love them. 
"The thing that I care most about is that these kids cross our doors and the one thing they wouldn't feel is anonymous." 

"One of my teens told me that the miracle God performed in her life was simply finding friends. Having community healed her and she just came alive."


"Every week I ask my teens what their high and low of the past week was. It can seem like such a mundane thing, but they say nobody asks them about that, and it means a lot to them."
- Thomas

"Our teens are facing both an external physical loneliness and an internal spiritual loneliness. When we lack a relationship with God we don't understand our value or worth or identity and it is problematic."