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Are you called to mission with Adore?


Full-Time Missionary- Youth Ministry (35-40 Hours a Week)

Part-Time Missionary- Youth Ministry (10-15 Hours a Week)

To apply, please fill out the Missionary Application Form found at the bottom of this page.


We envision a world set ablaze through the power of people authentically worshiping Jesus Christ with their entire lives, in the Eucharist and in the Body of Christ. We pursue this vision by sending missionaries to the underserved communities in the church, empowering them to start movements of worship, and creating moments of authentic encounter with Christ in the Eucharist and each other. At their best, these parishes are realizations of the whole of Adore’s mission.


Our aim is not just to transform the culture in these communities, but to remain steadfast in our presence for the long haul and not give up on them. To be with them through thick and thin, good and bad, and show them that life in Christ, is worth living. By entering into these communities, not just as employees or missionaries, but as authentic and active members of them, our love for them moves beyond superficial. We find our entry into these communities by partnering with local Catholic Churches in need, mainly working with their Jr. High and High School youth, developing relationships and trust with families in the process. The joy of our way of life is that this mission can be lived out in all states of life: single, married, just out of college, discerning religious life, or if you have a house full of kids.

Support and Culture:

  • Integrated professional spiritual way of life
  • Ongoing accountability, formation, & training of missionaries to ensure quality control in ministry
  • Joyful, intentional support system with regular staff engagement, communication, & opportunities to grow in leadership
  • Emphasis on balance and development of the total human person
  • Professional fundraising training
  • Long term vision maintained across leadership changes                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


  • Working in a Youth Ministry setting within Catholic Parish, with a missionary team
    •    Will include: one-on-one discipleship, youth group, bible studies, retreats, etc.
  • Encouraged to find additional ways in which to reach and serve the community outside of targeted programming
  • Must be comfortable fundraising one's own salary – ie. Personal Support Team building for long term financial stability & mission support


  • Health Coverage (for full-time only)
  • 10 Days Vacation, Sick days, Personal Retreats, generous vacation time for  Thanksgiving, Christmas, & Holy Week
  • Housing Allowance (If eligible)
  • Stipends on special projects


  • Devout Catholic in good standing with the Church
  • Team Player
  • Must be comfortable with fundraising - $ Amount depending on the individual, couple, family’s needs.
  • Bi-lingual – not necessary but appreciated

Location & Duration:    

  • Based in Houston & surrounding area
  • 1 year minimum

Missionary Application Form